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Featured recently at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, our one-of-a-kind recycled camera lens cuffs repurposed from pre-loved retro lenses and our cast sterling silver range, inspired by the innate beauty of classic rangefinder cameras. Stylish and unique accessories for the photographic devotee. Designed and produced in South Australia by Craig Arnold since 2008:

Our BLOG… talking about design, photography, jewellery, creativity and other themes we feel we’d like to bang on about:

Our PINTEREST page, a lucky dip of arty inspiration:

Some RANDOM public art we’ve been involved in recently:

South Australia is a melting pot of creative people… here are some we love.

Julie Pieda of koush, for fabulous interior design and bespoke furniture:

Lauren Simeoni for stunning contemporary jewellery:

Bowerbird Bazaar for intriguing curated design and art events:

Kath Inglis for more beautiful jewellery: